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Posh Bingo Offers More Than Most UK Bingo Sites

Anyone who has been enjoying bingo for a while on the web knows that when it comes to a bingo site, what really matters is not so much the game itself – any site can offer us that – but the quality of the experience. This is the big area where Posh Bingo excels because it shows a true dedication to the fans of this game and also to the culture. With massive prizes and a real customer focus, the site delivers on many levels that will have any bingo fan eager to bring their friends on board simply to enjoy the fun and friendly atmosphere. Great graphics are definitely an eye pleaser, creating a pleasant look that makes one feel immediately at home in this cutting edge bingo site that is one of the newest in the UK today.

Tons of fun promotions are part of the Posh Bingo experience and they have players clamoring for a chance to win a wide variety of big cash prizes, plus the chance to get official swag, as well. If one takes a look at the list of promotions on the site, there are far more than simply the big deposit bonuses and rewards for bringing a friend on board, there are prizes so big that jaws are likely to hit the floor. Does a million pound Friday prize sound like fun? Well, Posh Bingo makes sure that all players have a shot at that if they’d like to try their luck and win the jackpot of their dreams. Not only is 75 ball and 90 ball bingo offered, there’s also Speed Bingo for those who want to race towards cash winnings. That’s not all, though, because team bingo brings together the best of the bingo experience in a group way that really does make for a fun and creative experience that’s not like other bingo games.

For the experience all bingo players have been wishing for, give Posh Bingo some play and discover the best of bingo.


Finding The Right Bingo Site

Playing bingo online is one of the most popular pastimes and a great way in which to meet new people and perhaps make some money as well. However, there are literally hundreds of different websites that you can play online bingo on these days and they all have different rules and promotions; so how do you know that you are choosing the correct one?

With Love To Play Bingo you can easily search through a whole handful of UK bingo websites and find out their benefits and also their flaws. The site offers a very comprehensive and detailed review section in which you can find out a lot of information about the bingo website in question. For example, does it play 75 ball bingo or 90 ball bingo? Has the game got a theme? Indeed, many gambling websites today offer a promotional joining bonus whereby the website will normally match your initial deposit up to a certain amount so that you can actually play with twice the amount of money that you put into your bingo account. All of this information is available on the website.

Many people prefer to play traditional forms of the game rather than any themed version or one that uses slightly different rules. You can find out what type of bingo each website plays and whether or not they offer different games and different themes for their bingo games as well. Furthermore, Love To Play Bingo lets you know how you can pay each website and make a deposit into your account. Some websites only allow you to pay through credit card whereas others will allow PayPal deposits. Knowing all this information beforehand is imperative to ensuring that you enjoy your online bingo experience and it is a great asset to have it all available so easily online.

Get A Chance To Win Big With Online Bingo

Rogers Bingo is an online casino that features tournaments, progressive jackpots and thousands of dedicated players. If you love playing themed bingo games, you will find no shortage of fun at Rogers Bingo. In addition to bingo, there are also online slots, virtual roulette tables, blackjack and other games. When new players sign up, they get an extra $10 automatically deposited in their accounts.

Every time a player wins, their name and avatar is featured on the homepage. If you decide to join Rogers Bingo, you will have the opportunity to meet new people from around the world. There are many different online bingo games to choose from, however, bingo remains one of the most popular. For themed bingo games, competitive tournaments and the guaranteed chance to win money each and every time you play, Rogers Bingo is the online website to visit.

Although playing online casino games is a solitary activity, it is always great to find a web portal that has social features. When you visit the community section of Rogers Bingo, you can join groups, quickly locate your friends and even change your photo. Meet up with your fellow players at the same time every week, or login whenever you feel like it so that you can make new friends.

Whether you want to play to win or just like to unwind and have fun on occasion, Rogers Bingo has everything that bingo lovers need. With dozens of themed rooms to choose from, you will always have something fun to try out. When you have a free moment, you should head over to the Rogers Bingo website and sign up. You can get free money just for registering an account, and once you see how many different options that you have, you will be a patron for life.

Find The Best Blackjack Websites

Blackjack is a difficult game to master, but once you do you can literally change the way that you think about gambling. If you have a few extra bucks you can quickly locate a great blackjack website and win big. Learn about odds, wagers and how to read other players simply be engaging in a few hands of online blackjack.

In order to learn about blackjack you will first need to find the right website. Some online blackjack portals will have a few different games that you can choose from, however, you may be disappointed when you see that the graphics are outdated and the interface is filled with glitches. For the best playing experience, look for blackjack websites that have seamless game play. When you see a website that is popular amongst other players you can be sure that you have found a winner.

You can find a large amount of blackjack websites, but some are better than others. Some things that you may want to keep in mind when finding the best blackjack websites include sign-up bonuses and player interaction features. Even if you have no intentions of making new friends you might end up finding quite a few players that you enjoy playing blackjack with.

Try out a few different online blackjack games before you make a decision. Some will have many of the features that you are looking for, but a few will include everything that you need and more. Learn how to play blackjack as well as the pros and try your hand at collecting the jackpot. Play blackjack everyday, or visit your favorite website just on the weekends. In either case, you will find other games that you enjoy playing in a community of like-minded people. Although blackjack is considered a high stakes game, you can enjoy it without having to spend any money.

Electronic Bingo Bill Leads To Corruption Charges In Alabama

Bingo fans in Alabama were ecstatic when they found out that a new proposed law would allow them to enjoy electronic bingo in addition to bingo halls. Unfortunately, casino owners, politicians and even lobbyists have been charged with numerous corruption charges. Six defendants had until midnight on February 4th to file motions for postponement, and 11 of their co-defendants entered pleas back in October of 2010. The FBI has gathered evidence that indicates that all of the people being charged bought the votes that allowed for Alabama’s electronic bingo bill to be passed in the spring of 2010.

What lawmakers have not been able to figure out is whether or not electronic bingo will continue to be allowed in the state of Alabama. If even one of the defendants are convicted, the bill that allows electronic gambling in Alabama may be dissolved. In the meantime, bingo lovers will be able to continue to visit Alabama casinos such as the Creek Casino to enjoy their favorite games.

Attorneys for the casino operators that are being charged maintain their clients’ innocence. The new electronic bingo bill passed by Alabama politicians has already raised millions of dollars in revenue, and the expansion of several casinos has given more people jobs. The fact is, Alabama doesn’t offer gamblers many options. Besides greyhound racing, electronic gambling games are the only forms of gambling that are allowed in Alabama. Alabama natives had to travel to Mississippi to enjoy different types of gambling, but the new video bingo bill has convinced many of them to stay put.

Proposed UK Bingo Hall Licensing Fee Hike May Put Many Out Of Business

The UK bingo industry has suffered from a number of setbacks in the last few years. After a widespread smoking ban, many bingo lovers have started turned to online bingo because they couldn’t go without smoking for extended periods of time. Online bingo has proven to be highly accessible, more convenient, and in many fore instances, a better value than bingo halls. Some well established bingo halls have been able to prevail, but a proposed licensing fee increase threatens to put them out of business. In less than five years a once flourishing industry has been transformed into a virtual relic. Loyal bingo players are sticking to their guns, but their efforts will be in vain if their are no bingo halls to visit.

Bing hall owners are trying to persuade officials not to raise licensing fees, however, the argument is that increase is necessary given the current state of the economy. Establishments associated with entertainment are often the first ones to be more heavily taxed. The only way that these bingo hall will be able to stay in business is to pass on the increased cost of doing business on to their patrons. This will inevitably cause some bingo players to throw in the towel once and for all, while a sizable portion will start to play online. Bingo hall owners are scrambling to come up with an alternative plans if these proposed licensing fee increases are approved. Even without the increase fees, more bingo halls will continue to close because online bingo is becoming more popular than ever.

Online Bingo Website Starts Charitable Efforts

When you think of playing bingo online often the the first thing that comes to mind are the exciting visual effects and the chance of winning big jackpots. If you are fortunate enough to have the money to play a few rounds of bingo you will be thrilled when you find out that you can have a bit of fun while helping the needy at the same time. The name of the project is ‘Bingo Giving,’ and Rainbow Bingo hopes that it will inspire online bingo fanatics to give long after the winter months are over. As people take down their Christmas decorations and return to work, sometimes it is easy to forget about the research teams that depend on charitable donations to continue to work on cures and vaccinations. Rainbow Bingo is keeping the size of their jackpots the same, and they are giving their own money to charities each and every time someone wins. It is not everyday that you can participate in a fun hobby while making a real effort to help charity.

In addition to initiating Bingo Giving, Rainbow Bingo is also offering a number of incentives to draw in new customers. After a new player signs up, he or she will get up to a £25 bonus. The minimum bid is only £1, so you play a lot of games for a relatively small initial deposit. Rainbow Bingo has not yet stated how long they plan on continuing Bingo Giving, but they are getting a very positive response from online bingo players all over the globe. You may be able to find other charitable bingo players in Rainbow Bingo’s chat rooms, or you can even encourage your friends and family to get involved in charities on their own time. Everyone isn’t able to donate a lot of money to charity, but you can certainly make an effort.

Find New Online Bingo Games

Whether you are the type of person that likes to play games online or not, the prevalence of a popular game called bingo has been turning naysayers into devoted fans. It might be because this game combines the high quality graphics that you would expect in a traditional online video game and bingo games that go to the next level. If you are familiar with 90 ball bingo, you will be thrilled with the online bingo game options available at the Sky Bingo website. As a site known for creating new games based on reality TV shows and holiday themed designs, Sky Bingo gives players access to many different bingo rooms. Often, the same players converge in the same rooms each day at set times. These bingo ‘friends’ don’t work as a team, but as a network of highly enthused bingo players that probably started off in bingo halls.

While the main draw of Sky Bingo is the fact that it is a play for pay platform, players that grow tired of making cash wagers also have the option to play some of the website’s free games. Really, this online bingo game is a good place for old friends and family to meet up in real life as well. If you have relatives in other countries and would like to share a good game of bingo with them, then Sky Bingo serves as an excellent way to do so. Chatrooms, webcams and free games work well to keep loved ones connected on an interactive level, but Sky Bingo is like a virtual casino without the high stakes. Outside of the website, this online bingo game makes their members aware of their developments by using social networking. Although this is a fairly new feature, more bingo fans have been drawn into the game, thanks to their social networking friends.

Bad Weather Halts Visits To Bingo Halls

Usually, it’s pretty hard to stop a determined bingo lover from visiting their preferred bingo hall, but the sudden snowfall has reduced the number of patrons at Mecca Bingo Halls in the UK. The bad news comes only months after reports of increased bingo hall activity for the first time in nearly 10 years. Smoking restrictions and internet bingo halls have plagued the UK’s bingo hall industry to the point that historic halls are being forced to shut down almost every week.

The good news for bingo hall owners is that the holidays usually produce increased gambling because of travel, vacation time and more discretionary income. Contrary to popular belief, depressed and lonely souls are not the main consumers that frequent casinos and bingo halls during the winter months. The Mecca company, a leader in the bingo industry in the UK, has had to deal with increased taxes, tougher legislature and a huge influx of customers opting to gamble online. Though the latest development leaves a harsh sting, bingo business owners are optimistic that they can bounce back as soon as the snow is cleared. The company that owns the Mecca Bing Halls, Rank, has been working to renew their corporate image. After overhauling more than 13 casinos, they now state that they will work to open approximately 20 new gaming facilities from 2011 to 2012. As older bingo players are staying loyal to bingo halls, younger players enjoy the variety that casinos with a variety of games offer, with many of them also offering video bingo machines.

Sky Bingo Players Can Now Use PayPal

Sky Bingo has introduced a new and overhauled payment system thanks in part to their partnership with PayPal. This is good news for frequent players, as they can now immediately send and withdrawn money from their PayPal accounts directly to Sky Bingo. While Sky Bingo allows players worldwide to utilize their gaming system, the PayPal payment feature has been limited to residents of Ireland, Sweden, Finland, United Kingdom, Spain and Denmark. Players from other countries can still use payment processors such as Moneybookers, EntroPay, Neteller, and of course, their trusty credit cards.

As far as additional updates are concern, Sky Bingo has redesigned game-play options, with bingo players now being able to access three different rooms at once. Sky Bingo has also updated player profile options, introduced the ‘Bingo Call Board,’ and created a tracking system that will list all bonuses in real time. A few new games such as Fruity Burst, Sacred Sevens and Challenge Roulette are now available when players want to take a break from bingo.

Quite possibly the single most exciting feature that Sky Bingo has announced has to do with their new social networking pages. Bingo players on websites like Twitter and Facebook will be able to hook up and chat about bingo even when not logged into the official site. Sky Bingo has also finally announced that eyth have developed fanpages on social networking sites that will list promotions and news developments. They are also encouraging new players to sign up by offering a £15 credit after one minimum bet is placed.